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Product & Material Care

All our jewelry is crafted in Sterling Silver and 14k Solid Gold. All precious metals are then finished off with a clear protective anti-tarnish coating which gives it extra shine and durability.

Material Care

Sterling Silver: Sterling Silver is forever timeless and with proper care will retain its beauty for years to come. That being said, it is completely normal for silver to oxidize or patina over time. This is a natural process and can be effortlessly cleaned. Just wipe down your pieces with a polishing clothing and it will shine right back up! 

Solid 14k Gold: Pure gold is the only precious metal that will not discolour or oxidize since it contains no oxides. However, gold should be polished moderately in order to retain its beauty. To do this, use a polishing cloth or gently scrub the surface with a soft toothbrush and warm water. 

Diamonds & Gemstones: Highly valued for their beauty, longevity, and rarity, these stones are some of the hardest natural substances that are found on earth. Despite that, they can still undergo cracks and scratches. Therefore try to prevent your jewelry from hitting against any hard objects. 

Product Care

We approve of wearing your jewelry on a daily bases, however with the love from the wear and tear they can get dirty. As a general rule of thumb we advise that you: do not expose them to harsh chemicals, avoid humidity, and keep them in its pouch/container when not wearing them. 

Storing your Pieces

We recommend storing each of your pieces separately to avoid them scratching against each other. It is best to keep them in a cool dark place that is far from any extreme heat or moisture.